Travel Information


If you are flying, you will be arriving at the Saskatoon Airport.

For car rentals we recommend Budget Car and Truck (ask for the Sask Outfit rate):
Phone: (306) 244-7925 or 1-800-844-7888

Driving Directions

Below are the recommended travel routes. Please always confirm with the lodge or Ministry of Highways to confirm the best way in or if there are any road closures. Thank you.

Click here for a downloadable PDF version to print out.

From Saskatoon

Head North from Saskatoon on Highway #11 towards Prince Albert. This stretch takes about 1 1/2 hour.

Turn left onto Highway #2 going North. You will stay on #2 right through Prince Albert. Prince Albert is a great last minute supply run. I would suggest that you make sure that you are full on fuel here as you will only pass a couple more gas stations north of town before you get to the lodge. We also do sell fuel here at camp.

As you are coming into town on the left hand side there is a Mcdonalds and Canadian Tire store. This is a great spot to pick up any last minute supplies like fishing tackle, repellent, etc. There is also a WalMart farther into town. We will have lots of water and other beverages in camp but if you like a certain soda or anything, this would be the place to pick things up. We have got all the hunting and fishing licenses in camp.

From Prince Albert

you will continue North on Highway #2 for about 120 km. About 1 1/4 hours. You will be turning left or West onto the #916. This road is called the Elaine Lake Road. It is a gravel road. Before you leave the highway if you could phone and leave a message on our phone (306) 832-2053 telling us what time you are turning onto the gravel that would be great. This is usually where people have their last cell service. You will take the #916 for about 90 km till you come to a junction where you either have to turn either left or right. You will make a right hand turn here onto the Charbonneau Road. or the #917. Shortly after you turn right you will see our sign. You are now only 17 km from camp. Our driveway is on the right hand side. You will see the signs.

From Regina

just head north on Hwy #11 through Saskatoon and follow the rest of the directions from there. This is by far the best route as far as highways go. If you would like you can also take Hwy. 12 north from Saskatoon to Blaine Lake. Turn right onto Hwy 40 to Shellbrook. At Shellbrook you will turn left onto Hwy 55 and go through Canwood and Debden. About 30 Km past Debden you can turn right onto the 922. This is a gravel road. After about 100Km the road will become the 917 and you will see the signs coming into camp. On this run, Debden or you could run into Big River for your last fuel/supply stop.

From Meadow Lake

head east on Hwy #55 through the town of Green Lake. About 30 km southeast of Green Lake on hwy #55, you will turn left onto the #924. You will stay on this road for about 37 – 38km going past the entrance into Sled Lake. You will make a right hand turn onto the #916 (the road towards La Ronge). After 10km you will come to another junction where you will make a left hand turn going North. You will now stay on this road till you get to the lodge. You will pass the corner that turns towards La Ronge. The road will become the #917 and we are 17km down this road on the right hand side.

Hope this is all clear and we will see you at camp.


We recommend The Sandman Hotel (click for Google Map in a new window)

Tell them you are staying with Smoothstone Lake Lodge and request the outfitter rate.

Provincial Hunting and Fishing Regulations

To find out more information regarding the hunting and fishing laws, and current licence pricing in Saskatchewan go to

Pet Policy

No Pets Allowed.
We ask that you please find another place for your pets to stay when you visit Smoothstone Lodge. Thank You.


Free WiFi

We’ve got free WiFi at the camp available in the main lodge and surrounding area. It’s a satellite internet connection that is great for checking email, browsing the web and checking in on Facebook. It’s not suitable for downloading large files or streaming movies.

If you have any special technical requirements for your stay, please get in touch with us to see what can be arranged.

Cell Phone

Cellular coverage currently stops shortly after Big River.

Check In and Check Out Times

To allow for time to make sure camp is ready for you and next groups coming our Check In Time is 3 PM and our Check Out Time is 11AM. We appreciate your assistance in this.

Border / Customs Related

For any concerns you may have with crossing the border in regards to a past record (i.e. DUI charges) contact:

Canada Border Crossing Services
Phone: (204) 488-6350


For bringing firearms into Canada you can download the non resident firearm declaration form at

Upon opening the link, first select language preference, then select visitors/non residents and then select the non resident firearm declaration form 5589 / 909

The permit fee is $25.00 per person. Follow the instructions carefully when filling the form out and make sure not to sign the form until you are in front of a customs officer.

If you have everything filled out and $25.00 CDN cash in hand the process goes a lot faster.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a pre-processing option in the form links as well. If Saskatoon will be your first point of entry coming into Canada, you can pre process your firearm which makes the customs process much easier and faster. Open the pre processing option and there is a phone number for Saskatoon customs operations. They will provide you with the info you will need to get this done. Please allow a number of weeks in front of your travel to do this.

Also coming from the US with your firearm, it is advised to fill out US Customs and Border Protection form 4457. You can download it from the following link. You will need to take the firearm that you are traveling with to your local customs office and get them to sign this form. This is so that upon returning to the US they know that the gun you took with you is the same gun coming home. There is no charge for this form.

CBP Form 4457 – US Customs and Border Protection