2014-Host PhotoYour hosts, Lyndon, Carolyn, and Hunter Gliege, look forward to serving you in an exciting adventure that will create memories for a lifetime.

Lodging at Smoothstone Lake Lodge will be in traditional handcrafted log buildings. Our main lodge was new to us in 2003. This building is fully modern with lots of space to spread out. We have 5 bedrooms, a large dining area, a reading loft area, washrooms, and decks that overlook the lake.

The rest of the buildings are log cabins which are self contained with power, wood stoves, propane ovens, fridge and all the furnishings you need for a relaxing vacation. There is a beautiful sand beach area and for families with kids we have a playground area.


Atmosphere at Smoothstone Lake LodgeTo serve you best we want our home to be your home. On our package plans you will be treated to very delicious home cooked meals every day. For safety purposes we run a dry camp. Whether by yourself or with friends or family our goal is your satisfaction.

Smoothstone Lake Lodge is open year round and makes a great place for many different activities: snowmobiling, executive retreats, ice fishing, & family gatherings. Our hope is that whatever you choose to do, the memories will last a lifetime.


Bear Hunt at Smoothstone Lake LodgeOur hunting territory – 20 townships of vast forest and lake land – is home to a great population of black bear with a good percentage of colour phase bears. We have harvested browns, blondes, cinnamons and of course a lot of black bears, some with a white blaze on their front. Most of our hunting is done from a tree stand over a bait site, which has allowed for a very selective and successful harvest.

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Whitetail Deer Hunts

Whitetail Deer Hunting at Smoothstone Lake LodgeOur whitetail territory is 20 townships of remote wilderness. Vast landscapes of spruce, pine and poplar forest interspersed with all kinds of lakes, creeks and bog are home to a lot of animals that have never seen human before. There is nothing like the anticipation of settling into a your blind in the early hours of the morning waiting for first light and what might appear before your eyes.

As you sit there listening intent and hearing your heartbeat, there is adrenaline like you can’t imagine when the silence is broken with that crunch through the snow. Are those the footsteps of the buck you have been dreaming about?

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Fishing at Smoothstone Lake LodgeIf you enjoy fishing, we have some great northern pike action for you. With very limited access to the lake, Smoothstone Lake Lodge does not receive very much fishing pressure which has made for a growing healthy pike stock and good success. With the lake being easy to navigate you can either enjoy it on your own or hire a guide to get you to those memorable spots.

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