A dream that became a lifestyle

A selfie of Lyndon and Carolyn Gliege next to a creek

Growing up, Lyndon Gliege had a passion for the outdoors, although he didn’t know exactly how he would be able to use this love to create his vocation. When the opportunity arose in 1996 to purchase an outfitting camp, he and his wife Carolyn Gliege took on the challenge, and the dream became a lifestyle. Thankfully, he had married someone who was up for the adventure. 

Although the camp was very rustic, working together to build up the facilities was rewarding. While there have been many exciting milestones along the way — like the day the camp got an inside flush toilet — the best reward of all has been making friends from all over. 

Over the years, Lyndon and Carolyn have lived at Smoothstone Lodge and worked full time as outfitters. For many years, their son Hunter played host and entertained guests as well, but these days Hunter is forging his own path.

In short, we are people who feel blessed to be able to live and work in a place where our abilities and skills can help other’s enjoy God’s creation. Our desire is to create a place where you feel welcomed and at home.