A man wearing camouflage, an orange safety vest and an orange hat holds the antler of a whitetail deer near Smoothstone Lake Lodge in Saskatchewan, Canada.

In the right spot for a great hunt

There’s nothing like the anticipation of settling into your blind in the early hours of the morning waiting for first light and what might appear before your eyes. 

As you sit there listening intently and hearing your heartbeat, there is adrenaline like you can’t imagine when the silence is broken with that crunch through the snow. Are those the footsteps of the buck you have been dreaming about?

Our whitetail territory is 20 townships of remote wilderness. Vast landscapes of spruce, pine and poplar forest interspersed with all kinds of lakes, creeks and bog are home to a lot of animals that have never seen a human before. 

Several skulls of antlered deer are lined up on the beach along Smoothstone Lake in Saskatchewan, Canada.

“Don’t miss the hunt while looking for the harvest.”

More than just a deer hunt, this is an awesome wilderness vacation. Hunting in the remote forest of northern Saskatchewan provides you with an opportunity to really disconnect from the fast pace of life.

Immersed in the wilderness, pine martens, fishers, fox, lynx, all kinds of birds and abundance of squirrels will be part of your entertainment throughout the week. You’ll observe and enjoy deer in their natural habitat just doing what they do. 

A stealth cam image of a male deer in a forest.
A man wearing camouflage, an orange safety fest and a furry hat kneels next to a whitetail deer near Smoothstone Lake Lodge in Saskatchewan Canada.

Selective harvest

Don’t be surprised if at the moment you least expect it, that special buck appears. We have often been asked, “How will I know if it’s the right one?” Our answer is, “You will know.”  

We work to put you in the right spot for a great hunt. With the help of trail cams and scouting signs, our goal is to set our blinds in places that will give you the best chance. We want to be selective in our harvest so as to let those young bucks mature and produce. 

At the end of the day, not every mature buck is going to be a high scoring animal but if we let our young bucks walk, there’s a chance for that animal to develop into the best he can be.  

An older gentleman wearing camouflage, an orange safety vest, and an orange hat sits next to a whitetail deer near Smootsthone Lake Lodge in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Genuine northern bush bucks

Your hunt will primarily happen out of ground blinds of a variety of types that are blended into their surroundings. 

Before we leave you each day, we do our best to make sure you are comfortable and have the things you need to make the day enjoyable. For those cold days, we will provide you with heater bodysuits to make sure you stay warm. 

If you have never hunted genuine northern bush bucks, we would love to show you what it’s all about.    


Whitetail deer hunts

  • Five and days of hunting (Mon.-Fri., Sat. morning departure)
  • Lodging
  • Meals
  • Hunting licence fees
  • Fully guided
  • Field dressing and skinning
  • If transportation is required from Saskatoon, please contact us for information


  • Includes full participation in all the activities

We want to provide an opportunity for you to bring friends or family along. Most of our stands are double-wide so if an observer would like to come along on some of the hunts, space will allow.

The Fine Print

Deposit required

All of our hunts are booked with a 50% deposit due by Jan. 1 of the hunt year. The balance is to be paid two months prior to the start of the hunt. Hunts are quoted in U.S. funds.

Refund policy

All payments after Jan. 1 are non-refundable. Refunds will only be considered if we are able to refill the spot or if for some reason we are not able to fulfill our hunt commitment to you. If you cancel prior to Jan. 1, your deposit will be refunded less a $100 service fee.


The taxes that are charged on the hunt are 5% GST, which is payable on the total amount, and 6% PST, which is payable on both the lodging and meals portion of the trip. Hunting and fishing licence fees are set by the government and include the taxes.

Wounding policy

Our wounding policy is as follows: We will do everything we can to recover the wounded animal. If we can not make the recovery, the hunt will be limited to one more opportunity on the same site that the animal was wounded on. Please confirm the details of this policy with the lodge.

Fully guided with lodging & meals

The hunts are fully guided and include lodging with bedding, meals, field transportation, field dressing and skinning, etc.

Credit card & Interac at camp

We now have credit card and Interac available for our Canadian transactions that take place in camp.

Hunting contract & liability waiver

All hunters must sign the hunting contract and liability waiver prior to the hunt.